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I-10 Automall is committed to accessibility and inclusion for all its visitors. We firmly believe that everyone visiting https://www.i10automall.com/ should be able to navigate our website regardless of any disabilities. A partnership with UsableNet was made to update our platform, comply with WCAG standards, and ensure that https://www.i10automall.com/ remains as accessible as possible through routine audits.

We welcome all feedback regarding our website. If you believe any content or feature on our website is not fully accessible, please contact us at this link and provide any suggestions or specific areas you feel we can improve. However, please understand that Dealer eProcess and UsableNet are not responsible for any third-party code added to the site that impacts ADA compliance since neither Dealer eProcess, nor UsableNet controls or maintains that third-party code. Such third-party code includes, but is not limited to chat and texting plugins, finance and credit applications, trade-in tools, payment tools, offer tools, and any other front end applications.